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Hazrat Malik bin Dinar RA

Introduction. He is a contemporary of HM Hassan Basari (RA). He is one of
the leading religious personalities and a beacon of a school of thought with a very large following. He was born at the time his father was a slave. His title was Dinar. Though, in manifestation born to a slave, he is a source of hidden excellence and auspiciousness and occupies a very dignified place in the field of miracle and mysticism.
Mazar Shareef Hazrat Malik bin Dinar
Mazar Shareef Hazrat Malik bin Dinar Ra

Reason for the title of 'Dinar'. He was sailing in a boat. The sailor demanded fare for his travel when the boat was on strong waves. He had no money on him therefore he expressed his inability to pay. The sailor abused him and made him unconscious by beating him. When he regained his consciousness,the sailor demanded the fare for the second time and threatened him to be thrown in the river in case it was not produced. At this moment, few fishes appeared on water surface near the boat holding a 'Dinar' (currency) each in their mouths. He took a 'Dinar' from a fish's mouth and paid the fare. The sailor fell on his feet. He left the boat and disappeared walking away on the surface of the water.
Difference between selfishness and selflessness. He was extra-ordinarily handsome and physically very strong. He lived in Damishq (Damuscus,capital of Syria). He used to retire in the Mosque built by HM Ma'via (RA).
Once, he nourished a desire to become the trustee of that mosque.Accordingly, he got into repeated 'Eyatakaf (retirement in the mosque but for the times to attend to the calls of nature and meals). Everyone saw him engaged in his prayers without a break. But no one paid attention to him.
After one year when he came out of the mosque, a heavenly voice addressed him, "O' Maalik (RA)! You should penitent, now." He repented seriously for over one year for his prayers propelled by selfish desires. One night having got his soul rid of the conceit, he prayed with utmost selflessness. Next morning, he found a huge assembly of men at the door of the mosque talking among themselves about the inadequacy of the existing management of the mosque and discussing to give this responsibility to him. Armed with their unanimous decision, assembled persons approached him. They informed him about their unanimous desire to make him the trustee of the mosque.

He submitted to Allah, “O Allah! For good over one year, I carried on with my selfish prayers for this trusteeship in vain. But, now, people wish to bestow this responsibility upon me on Thy orders as a gift of my one night's selfless devotion. But, I swear by the excellence of Thy greatness that neither
shall I accept trusteeship nor shall I come out of the mosque.” He, again, got busy in his prayers.
Truth about the world. A rich man died in Basra. His only daughter inherited the entire property. She was very beautiful. One day, she came to Sa'bit Banani (RA) and expressed her desire for marriage. She said, "It is her wish to marry Maalik-bin-Dinnar (RA) so that he could be helpful to her in religious and worldly affairs”. Sabit Banani (RA) conveyed her message to Maalik-bin-Dinar (RA).
He replied, “He has divorced the world. Women are the part of the world. So, it is not just to re-marry the divorced woman,
Once, he was resting under a tree. Eyewitness says that a serpent was fanning him with a branch of 'Narcissus'.
Pain concludes in pleasure. Often, he would express his desire for the holy war. But, once, when he got the opportunity, he was down with a pertinent fever. Afflicted by the sorrow, he, one night, went to sleep with these words,"I would not have suffered of this fever if Allah had granted me any status".
Then he heard a heavenly voice, "O' Maalik (RA)! You would have been imprisoned had you joined the holy war today and the non-believers would have destroyed your chaste faith by feeding you pork. Therefore, this fever is a blessing in disguise for you". He got up and thanked Allah.

State of saintliness (Walayat). Once, he got into polemical argument with an atheist. Both kept claiming to be followers of truth. Ultimately, people decided to test them by putting their hands in the fire-he would be considered right whose hand remained unharmed by the fire. It was translated into action. No harm was done to the hand of either of them. People decided both of them to be just. Aggrieved, he submitted to Allah, “I spent my seventy years in prayers. But Thou put me at par with an atheist". A voice descended,"O' Maalik (RA)! The hand of an atheist got protected due to the grace of your prayers. Had he put his hand, alone, it would, certainly, been smoked".

Once, on recovery from a severe sickness, he reached the town for some necessity with great difficulty. Incidentally, king's entourage was arriving at that moment. There was a hue and cry to move away the men around. He got delayed in paving the way because of acute weakness. A punishing lash by the sentinel rendered him agonized in pain and in this state these words came out from his mouth, "May Allah get your hands severed!" Next day, his (sentinel's) hands were chopped off for some crime and thrown at the cross junction. But he felt very sorry for his state.

It is narrated: A young unruly person was his neighbor. People were fed up with him. One day, they complained to him about his atrocities.He went to him and counselled. But, behaving rudely with him, he said, "I am from the government. No one should interfere with my job." He told him, "I will complain against you to the king”. He replied, "He is very kind and will not listen to anyone against me". He said, “If he does not listen then I will submit to Allah". He replied,"He is more kind than the king". On hearing it, he returned. His atrocities kept increasing. After some day, people, again, came to him.He, again, went for counselling. A heavenly voice was heard, "Don't bother my friend". He got surprised on hearing this heavenly voice.

He went up to the young man and said, "I have come to enquire from you about the heavenly voice which I have heard on my way". He replied, "If this is the matter then I do away with all my possessions in submission to the will of Allah". After distributing his entire possession in charity, he left for an undisclosed destination. No one but Maalik-bin-Dinar (RA) saw him thereafter. Even, he had the opportunity to see him in holy Mecca in a state of great frailty at the fag end of his life. He heard him saying, "Allah made me His friend. I am devoted to Him & to His orders from my heart & soul and I am aware of His pleasure, which comes by prayers, only. Today, I am sorry and ashamed of having worked against His pleasure". Having said these words he said good-bye to this world.

Once, he hired a house closer to the house of a Jew. His room was adjacent to the door of the Jew. On account of his hatred, the Jew got a drainage constructed with its slope towards his house. His house used to get polluted and his place of worship defiled by the entire filth of the Jew's house. The Jew carried on with his act for quite long. But he never complained about it. One day, the Jew himself asked him if he had any problem due to his drainage. He informed him about his daily cleaning of the filth brought by the drain and and said to him that he had no problem whatsoever. The Jew asked him as to how he never got agitated despite all these sufferings. He told him, “It is Allah's promise that people controlling their anger, not only, are pardoned of their sins but they are blessed by His reward, also." The Jew said,"Certainly your religion is the best because it expects to endure and 'self restraint', even, on provocations by the enemies. Today, with true intention I accept Islam."
Mortification (self-denial, control over self). For years, he had not been eating sour or sweet things. He used to break his fast in the night with a dry piece of loaf. Once, in his illness, he wished to take meat. He went to the town and purchased three pieces of meat. The butcher deputed a man to follow him to find as to what he made of the meat. After walking a distance,
he smelled the meat, addressed his soul about the limit of its share beyond meat's smell and gave the meat to a beggar. Then he consoled his soul, "O' my soul! I do not punish you on account of any enmity with you. But I do so to impress upon you the status of endurance and fore-bearence so that you are granted the eternal bliss.” Then he said, "It is beyond my prudence to understand the saying that people's wisdom diminishes if they abstain from meat for over forty days. I didn't taste meat since twenty years. It is not lax. It is more active instead." The man narrated the incidence verbatim to the butcher.
He didn't taste a single date despite his stay at Basra for forty years. He mentioned to people, "I had never eaten a date and its non-consumption contracted my stomach nor did it increase yours." After forty years when he felt the urge for the date, he cautioned his desire that he would never let it be fulfilled. But when He ordained him in his dream to eat dates and to lift restrictions from his 'self he, after awakening from his sleep addressing his desire, announced to permit for the same on one condition that it (the 'self) had to fast for continuous seven days. Thus, for 'self-denial', he observed the fast for a weak. After this, he bought the dates and took it to the mosque.
Before he could eat there a boy shouted about the arrival of a Jew in the Mosque. His father rushed with a stick hearing the announcement of a Jew.But after having recognized him, he apologized to him and submitted that no one except the Jew in his alley (street, quarter of a town), ever, ate during day,instead everyone fasted during the day. Therefore, the boy took him as a Jew. He requested for his son's forgiveness.
He exhorted in spirited voice, "Children's voice is a heavenly voice". Then he submitted to Allah, "Thou included me among the Jews before I ate the dates. Had I consumed it, for all I guess, my consequence might have been worse than the 'non-believers'. Therefore, I swear not to, ever, taste the dates."
Effect of sins. He went to look up a terminally sick person. He impressed upon him to recite the 'kaleema' (confessions of Muslim's faith). But, instead of saying the kalema, he kept repeating 'ten'and 'eleven'. On insistence, he mentioned about a mountain of fire that pounced towards him whenever he wanted to say the Kalerna'. On enquiry from the people around, he came to know that he was a usurer and used to weigh less.
Once, a place at Basara caught fire. He went up the roof with his staff and shoes. He saw people burning, trying to escape by taking a jump and some busy in excavenging stuffs. He observed, "Men with less luggage got saved and people with heavy loads perished. This will be the scene on the day of the judgment."
Masjid Hazrat Malik bin Dinar

Fear of Allah. Once, Jaafer-bin-Sulain (RA) was with him in his journey on "Haj'. He got unconscious when 'labbaik Allahum ma labbaik' (At Thy command, O' Allah, at Thy command!) was being pronounced. He was asked the reason of his unconsciousness. He said, "I became unconscious because of the fear of assumed feeling that I may not hear 'La Labbaik' (not at Thy command). He cried whenever he read Iyya ka na' bodo wa iyya kanastaeena' (Thee alone we worship, Thee alone we ask for help) and used to say that he would never read this line if it was not from the holy 'Quran'
because we are such worshipers of our 'self that we seek blessing of others than Allah, which is in contradiction to its meaning.
He never rested in the night. Once, his daughter requested him to rest in the night as it was in his interest. He said, "O daughter! On one hand I am scared from Allah's wrath and on the other hand I am concerned if the wealth of blessing returns seeing me asleep."
When people requested him to elaborate it, he said, "I eat the things of Allah and obey the Satan, the devil". He added, "If someone shouts from outside the entrance of the mosque to know about the worst person, he wouldn't find anyone other than me." On hearing this, HM Abdullah (RA) said, "The greatness of Maalik-bin-Dinar (RA) could be ascertained by this very saying only.
Mosque Hazrat Malik bin Dinar

"Knowing themselves. A lady called him as a pretender (deceitful, hypocrite).
He said, "Since last twenty years no one addressed me by my real name. Well done! You recognized me correctly".He said, "When I identify the subjects, discretely, then I get least concerned
whether someone called me good or bad because I found every person exaggerating his appreciation. Therefore, whether people addressed me as 'good' or 'bad', I won't seek revenge from them on the day of resurrection."
Commendable sayings.
•"What is the use of the company which is not beneficial on the day of the judgment? Worldly people are like 'Faluda (Seived flummery, a cold pudding of oat-meal) which is bright outwardly and tasteless in character. Abstinence from this world is better because it has made the learned, also, as an obedient."
• "Lier's prayers are unworthy, knowledge little, soul dark and life useless because I consider sincerity as the best of acts.
• "Allah commanded HM Moosa (Moses, AS) through revelation to travel on the earth with the iron staff and search for the exemplary things and keep observing His blessings till he was torn and the staff broken. It means that one should always remain patient and prudent.According to an Arabic saying "Faith is an illuminated logic. Remain engaged in it with care and caution. Torah (Torait) says that He made us as His fond but we could not become one."
•"I have seen in the holy books that Allah has given two such things to the followers of holy Prophet (SA) which, even, HMs Jibrail and Michael (angels of greatest stature) were not blessed with. First
blessing is 'Faz Kuruni Azkurkum (you remember Me, I will remember you). Second blessing is 'Ud Ooni Astajib Lakum' (you call me, I accept your prayers).
•"I have read it in Torah, "O' ever truthful! Spend your life in this world praising Him because mention of His qualities is a great virtue in this world and a very great reward awaits for it on the day of the judgment."
•"It is in some heavenly books, "If some one is fond of the world, His ordinary reward to the remembered for his praise and supplication is that He absolves him from his indulgence. And one who is hankering for the desire of this world the devil misleads him as the man has already lost the track."
•"A dying person asked for an advice. He advised him to remain steadfast on ordain of Allah so that he could be pardoned from the punishment of the Hereafter. On his demise, someone saw the person
in his dream and enquired about his state. He said that although he was a great sinner but he was forgiven, only, for always cherishing in his heart the feeling of remaining happy at the will of Allah.

Fruit of patience A saint saw in his dream that HMs Maalik-bin-Dinar and Mohammed Wa'say (RAS) were being taken to the paradise. The saint got inquisitive to know who out of them entered the paradise, first. Maalik-bin-Dinar (RA) ushered into the paradise, first. The saint asked, "Mohammed Wa'say (RA) was more spiritualist and learned than Maalik-bin-Dinar (RA)."The angels replied, "You are right. Mohammed Wasay (RA) had two uniforms to wear but Maalik (RA) had only one. Therefore, Maalik (RA) is more attached to self control' and 'patience'. So, he was sent first to the paradise."

Gate Shareef Hazrat Malik bin Dinar

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